Maritime Metal & Hard Rock Festival
SEPT. 12th & 13TH, 2014
Fox Mountain Camping Park, Aylesford, NS, CANADA
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    Calling All Rockers and Bangers
    Well, they said it could not be done, but we did it. We got rocked by a hurricane, but braved the storm. Once again.... the power of metal and rock prevailed. To those that missed the reviews or have been living under a log, you do NOT want to miss year two of MARITIME METAL & HARD ROCK FESTIVAL. Fox Mountain was shaking like the San Andreas fault and we're doing it again on September 12th and 13th. Though the turnout for year one was not huge, the passion of those that did attend has rubbed off through the scene and year two looks to be one helluva party. A "Celebration of East Coast Loud" as we like to call it. The sound will be awesome, the venue is awesome and the fans are awesome. A grass roots event done with large event heart.

    So round up your crew, grab your Early Bird tickets and treat your ears to a weekend full of the best of the best Maritime metal and hard rock bands. We've got lots of room for camping, a full canteen and have dubbed our festival a festival of "Few Rules, But Much Respect". We're currently scoping out possibilities for a special guest to bring in, but the main focus of the event is OUR East Coast bands.




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